Radio & TV Broadcast

Thanks to the new digital technologies, all the hardware of a complete transmission station can now be integrated into a single equipment.

Smart-FM and Smart-DVB by TRXInnovate is the solution that allows you to have all the functions of a TX site in a single, mast-mounted, small-sized box.

Emergency alerts

Our Emrgency Alert System sends emergency warnings and alert signals on all FM frequencies simultaneuosly.

According to statistics, about 74% of drivers listen to the radio while at the wheel: our technology uses this media to reach those people and quickly notify them the emergency warnings.

Digital Network Adapter

Retrofit an existing analog FM station, converting them into FM digital distribution stations in a quick and easy way.

DNA allows the broadcasters to protect their past investments, keeping their sites operational while re-converting the existing transmitters to the latest digital technologies.


TRX Innovate designs and develops innovative systems and solutions.

Our highly-skilled technicians and engineers have got 20+ years of experience and have been working with some of the most prominent companies on the market.